The Sensible Eater Package

Bring your health to the next level

With this PACKAGE, you will be the Happy owner of:

  • The 5-Day Whole Foods Detox, a 42 pages eBook, with all breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks recipes that will help you improve your health, immunity, energy, gut health and more. It will make your life easier by guiding you step-by-step to cook healthy and nutritious meals.
  • The No-No List (the Top 7 Toxic Foods to Eliminate), a 24 pages eBook that will teach you which foods are toxic for your health and are a no-no on the shopping list.
  • The How to Stock your Pantry eBook, a 78 pages eBook that will teach how to stock your pantry for optimal health. Having all of the basics ready at hand is not always easy, this eBook will help you to have everything ready to cook healthy meals!
  • The Ultimate Clean Eating Shopping List that will make your shopping and your life easier.

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